Why Lawn Sense

Lawn Sense Dallas TruckWater is a limited resource. There is as much water on the planet today as there was a thousand years ago. No more, no less. And yet, we see thousands of gallons of water wasted every day from un-optimized sprinkler systems. Of course, we should water our lawns. We just need to use sense about how we water—some Lawn Sense.

Virtually every system installed today isn’t designed with water conservation in mind. Instead, they’re designed to be the cheapest for the builder. These builder-grade systems spew out more water than our clay soil can accept. That’s why most of it runs off into the street or low spots on your lawn.

Excess watering collects on your lawn leading to dark green spots and light green or brown spots. Worst of all, no matter how much you water to overcompensate, it can’t be fixed. And, all you’re left with is a high water bill.

On average an un-optimized sprinkler systems uses 1,500 gallons of water per hour.

Swimming Pool

That's a 14'x28' Swimming Pool Worth of Water



That's 218 Bathtubs Worth of Water


Want to know if your sprinkler system is WASTING WATER?

Because Lawn Sense sees hundreds of lawns every week, we see things you may not. Like, water pressure that’s way too high for what sprinkler nozzles can handle. For instance, just a 10 psi increase in pressure can result in a 40% increase in water output. We often see systems that are 30-40 psi over what they need to be. 40% more water output means higher water bills.

Here’s the good news: With a few tweaks and almost no digging, we can optimize your system, making it fully water-efficient. No more run-off, no misting, near-perfect uniformity, correct coverage, proper run times per zone for your soil type and plant needs, and much more.

That’s why we can make you this promise: Lawn Sense GUARANTEES the water that comes out of your sprinklers will actually make it into the soil. That’s bringing sense to watering your lawn and why we call ourselves Lawn Sense.