Two Most Common Types of Sprinkler Heads In Your Lawn

Two Most Common Types of Sprinkler Heads In Your Lawn

This is a blog for DIY homeowners who want to work on their sprinkler system. Written by licensed, field trained technicians in the North Texas area. If you’re wondering what types of sprinkler heads you have or which one to use this will help. Above are the two most common types of sprinkler heads you’ll find in your lawn.

The left head is what we call a “rotor” and the right is called a “spray” head. Rotor type sprinkler heads are typically used for large open sections of grass. Spray type sprinkler heads are used for smaller sections typically. You can use spray heads in large areas or vice versa. Just be sure to have the correct nozzles and spray patterns set.

The nozzle for the rotor type head is the blue piece you see in the picture. This controls how much water is let out only. The nozzle for the spray type head screws to the top of the stem. This nozzle controls water flow as well as the angle at which it sprays. They can be set from 0-360 degrees. To adjust how far out they spray it’s easiest to buy a new nozzle for that distance.

If you’re getting ready to replace one or more of your sprinkler heads, check out our tips.

We always recommend keeping the same type of heads on each zone. Don’t mix and match head types because they each have different precipitation rates. Mixing them up can affect the amount of water being put out, as well as affect the water pressure for the other heads.

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